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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tamil pundai story and actress photo videos

Pundai Tamil Story

This is tamil pundai story of a tamil married women and 17 year old boy.

Married women when do not get true love from her husband and then she looks for someone else. And I found the same case with a lady who just married with a software engineer. The man and women both went for honeymoon but when they returned his wife was not happy with him. She did not get real fun and true satisfaction, in pundai. Husband did not apply various pundai techniques. So his wife was sad. One day her husband had to go out of state for some officially work. On that nigh he didn’t sleep, she was thinking about true love and satisfaction and different pundai tamil stories, pundai videos. She turns on the tv and watch some tamil pundai pictures.

Next morning she wakes up and went to her friend’s house and tells her all the matter. She told her friend that her husband is not able to satisfy her completely. So she needs something extra. Her friends suggest that you can do pundai with some school boy. She replied yes there is boy in my left room. He is about 17 or 16 year old in age. She again asked if he would be able to satisfy her. Her friend told try yar.

In the after noon when the boy came to his house from school, she called her. She told hey boy listen, come here. She asked his name and asked her to sit in the room for few minutes. He replied ok. She went in to the bath room and asked the boy to give her clothes. She told that please give me my clothes. The body went and gave her clothes from the window. she opened the bath room door and showed him her beautiful body. The boy surprised and what is this. He turned his face back. Then the lady told what happened, have you never seen this. The boy not replied. She pulled him on the bed and opened his clothes. The boy was clever and understood the matter. Then both the peoples have pundai on the bed. On the floor and in many posed. Now the lady called him every time, when ever her husband had some urgent work or meeting out of states.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Pundai Tamil Story Tamil Actress Pundai Story

Tamil Pundai Stories

This is the story of my friend ashok kumar who has just returned from Hyderabad. He knows tamil as well as hindi language. He told me about tamil pundai story. He also told me that south india girls are so hot and sexy. He has also showed me some pictures and photo of tamil hot girls. I don’t know tamil and my friend made me fool. He told me that he had dome there pundai. I can’t understand what is pundai in tamil first. He told me that his girlfriend name is punai who lives in south india. He told me that do you want to hear pundai soty. I thought that he is going to tell me something about his girl friend, whose name is pundai. He called his real real girl friend in delhi who belongs to south India. He asked me to talk to her and also told me that her name is pundai.

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I took the telephone and said hi pundai how are you. She did not speak, I again repeat he pundai how are how. She shouted what you are saying. I told her that, you are not pundai I mean tamil pundai. She replied that it’s my friend ashok no and who are you. I told her that I am ashok friends and he is with me. She asked me to give the phone to ashok. I though that, she is very angry with ashok. Ashok went out and asked me to come next morning in the Japnees Park.

Next day when I reached in the park he told me the real tamil pundai story. He told me that she is rakhi not pundai. Then they both laughed at me. Than I come to know that what is mean by pundai tamil. Then I surf the web and search out for tamil pundai stories. I found many interesting stories about tamil pundai in English language. My friend translates the tamil pundai soties in hindi language. Since than I am a fan of pundai tamil sotries or tamil pundai sotry.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tamil Pundai Story Stories

In india every person man and women and child is here in india for pundai. Tamil Pndai stories of women and girls are more interesting as compare to any other pundai story in inidia. Have you think why all the peoples fight, work and study only for pundai. Pundai is has become become one need and requirement of each and every person. Here you will find some story of tamil pundai, tamil pundai stories and also find some beautiful tamil pundai story pics.

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